Logo/­Website Redesign & Site Build

The Journal of Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education (CITE Journal) was one of the first online education journals when it launched in the year 2000. But they hadn’t really updated their look since the site’s initial launch.
They hired John to design a modern look and feel, build a responsive website, and implement a modern content management system for eased updates and maintenance.

Logo Sketches

John uses a collaborative process where, after asking a series of questions, he begins with a round of logo sketches. The CITE Journal provided feedback which was incorporated into a second set of logos. By the end of the second round we were pretty close to a final logo.

Round 1


Round 2


Final Logo

John incorporated final feedback and performed some final refinements on the logo before we called it finished.

Web Design

Similar to the logo process, John presented two design mockups.
Design ACITE_Journal_HomePage_Design1_opt-compressor
Design BCITE_Journal_HomePage_Design2_opt
John then combined feedback from the CITE Journal Staff with the initial designs to build a final mockup
Design CCITE_Journal_HomePage_Design2A_opt-compressor

Additional Layouts

John then presented four additional layouts for various pages of the CITE Journal’s site.
cite_IssuePage_Design2a-compressor cite_SectionPage_Design2a-compressor cite_GenericPage_Design2a-compressor cite_ArticlePage_Design2a-compressor

Site Build

Finally, John built the site using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and WordPress.
html5 css3_red js wordpress


John redesigned the website for our interactive academic journal, and we’ve heard nothing but praise for the new look from our readers. He really brought Contemporary Issues in Technology & Teacher Education into the 21st century. We especially love the responsive design and well-planned, easy-to-navigate architecture. The scholarship published in our journal is now more accessible than ever—which is exactly what we wanted.Lynn Bell
Co-Editor, www.citejournal.org