Website Redesign

After three years of a similar design the edUi conference committee wanted to shake things up with a completely new, outside the box design.

Enter John, stage right.

Initial Designs

The first set of designs were nearly freeform in their requirements.

Don’t just think outside the box. Break the box.

edui_design1 edui_design2-compressor edui_design3-compressor

Refined Design

The conference committee liked the look of the designs but opted for a combination of the second and third design, yielding the following:

Additional Layouts

Five layouts for different sections of the website.
edui_sub1-compressor edui_sub2-compressor edui_sub3 edui_sub4-compressor edui_sub5-compressor


When designing a web site for a conference for web designers, you want something that will really stand up to the scrutiny of other design professionals. John absolutely delivered exactly what we needed. We’ve received nothing but praise for the website since it launched. John was a pleasure to work with, friendly, professional, and courteous at every turn.Trey Mitchell
Co-founder and Co-director edUi Conference