Encyclopedia Virginia

Mobile App Design & Development

Encyclopedia Virginia (EV) keeps track of thousands of locations important to Virginia’s history. What better way to help its users engage in that history than to show them the history around them?

They came to John needing a geolocation mobile app for both iOS and Android that helped put there users in the midst of history and fit their budget.


John and the EV team worked together to hash out everything from the format of the EV data to how users would interact with the app. John took all of that information and built wireframes that showed how different features would relate to each other. It helped both parties get a handle on what needed to be in the app and how those features would interact with each other.
EV_App-01-General-Map-compressor EV_App-02-Event EV_App-03-NearbyEventList EV_App-04-CategoryList EV_App-05-Search

Refined Wireframes

John prefers a collaborative process where he works with his clients to find the best solution for their needs. Once he received feedback on the first round of wireframes he put together a second set, incorporating feedback and making certain every necessary element was included.

EV_App-V2-01_MapSelection EV_App-V2-05_FilteredEvents EV_App-V2-04_CategoryList EV_App-V2-02_EventsScreenEV_App-V3-03_NearbySelectionEV_App-V3-03_NearbySelection-Filtered

Mobile App Build

John built the app using HTML, CSS, Javascript and PhoneGap. Not only did it work on both major platforms (Android and iOS), but it incorporated responsive design to expand and contract as the size of the user’s device required, dramatically reducing development time and the costs associated with it.

html5 css3 js phonegap

googleplay AppStoreBadge

Icon & Splash Screen Design

John combined a historic Virginia map and the EV logo to create an eye catching icon and splash screen.
ev_icon-compressor ev_splash

App Screen Shots

Screenshots as seen from a phone.

ev_spotinfo-compressor ev_list2-compressor ev_map-compressor ev_list-compressor ev_categories-compressor


John was terrific to work with. He not only helped us implement our vision for our project web app but he was also patient in training us how to make updates to it for future releases. I can’t recommend him highly enough.Matthew Gibson
Director of Digital Initiatives; Editor, Encyclopedia Virginia